Asking someone to marry you is a momentous occasion in your life, so why not share the moment during what some call “the greatest time of year”? Everyone is in a cheerful spirit and eager to celebrate, which makes the holiday season a great time to finally ask that special someone to marry you.

Make this Christmas even more ‘marry’, and check out our Holiday Gift Guide dedicated to engagement rings for both men and women.

A Christmas Proposal

There used to be some controversy surrounding proposing marriage on Christmas, but it is becoming more and more popular. We believe that if the holidays are a special time for you and your partner – why not celebrate it in the best way possible?

In addition to deciding what engagement ring to buy, there is one other consideration to make: how will you propose? Take into consideration the personality of your partner. For instance, do they shy away from crowds and prefer one-on-one, or would proposing in front of the family mean the world to them?

For private proposals, you can present the ring on Christmas morning, while those with a sense of adventure can plan a special treasure hunt for the ring, or simply pop the question in front of close friends and family. Either way – it’s sure to be the most magical Christmas they will ever have.

Now let’s decide on an engagement ring that they will adore for a lifetime.

Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

There are so many choices out there when it comes to choosing an engagement ring that it helps to do your research beforehand or even enlist a friend to help out.

You can find diamond engagement rings in an assortment of styles, so it helps to have an idea of your future wife’s tastes and style before heading to a store.

Common engagement ring styles are as follows: Solitaire, Halo, Vintage, Accent, Three Stone, and Fancy.

When it comes to choosing a diamond, you will hear carat referred to quite often. This is one characteristic of a diamond that determines it’s value – typically the larger the carat or carat weight, the more precious the diamond. You can learn more about choosing a diamond by reading our guide, The 4 C’s of Purchasing a Diamond.

Solitaire Engagement Rings for Her

The name says it all – this type of ring features a solitary diamond which becomes the centre of attention on her finger. Elegant, minimalistic, and classic, this ring is a good go-to choice for when you are completely unsure of what she’d like. Better to go with a single, eye-catching diamond than a ring style she won’t like.

14K White Gold Solitaire Setting with 1.00 CT Princess Cut Canadian Diamond

14K White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

18K Palladium White Gold Engagement Ring

Aerial by Mark Schneider

Halo Engagement Rings for Her

The halo setting can be differentiated from all the rest by its distinct centre stone surrounded by smaller stones. You can find halo settings in different shapes, like round, oval, and square or cushion cut. This style of ring has the unique ability to make the centre stone appear larger than it is.

18K Palladium White Gold Oval Halo Ring

14K White Gold Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Engagement Ring

Fancy Engagement Rings for Her

Fancy engagement rings can be described as intricate and extremely unique in their design.

10K White Gold Engagement Ring

18K Palladium White Gold Engagement Ring

18K Palladium White Gold Engagement Ring

18K Palladium White Gold Engagement Ring

Vintage Engagement Rings for Her

The term ‘vintage’ in thrown around rather casually, as these are not second hand rings, but they do appeal to those who enjoy the vintage aesthetic.

10K White Gold Engagement Ring

18K Palladium White Gold Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Vintage Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Engagement Ring

Accent Engagement Rings for Her

Accent engagement rings typically have a centre stone that is accented by two rows of smaller stones.

18K Palladium White Gold Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Engagement Ring

10K White Gold Engagement Ring

Three Stone Engagement Rings for Her

Although the name makes it fairly obvious, three stones are featured in this particular setting. Whether you choose a larger centre stone, or all three of the same size is up to you!

14K Yellow and White Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring

10K Yellow and White Gold Diamond Ring

14K White Gold Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings for Men

Men are no longer the only ones who can pop the question. Ask your special guy to be your husband this Christmas. We have a great selection of mens rings, whether you think he’d prefer gold, sterling silver, tungsten, titanium, or even cobalt. Check out our guide, How to Choose A Man’s Ring to learn more.

Black Titanium Ring with Diamonds

Cobalt Wedding Band with Sandblasted Centre

Tungsten Carbide Mens Ring

Tungsten Band with 10K White Gold and Diamonds

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