Whether you are choosing a man’s engagement ring, wedding band, or simply purchasing a ring as a gift, there are a lot of options that can make it complicated and a little daunting.

When purchasing a man’s ring it is imperative that you take into account his personality, taste and style, as well as his current lifestyle. After all – you want them to wear it for a long time. That means that in addition to being nice to look at, the ring you choose should be comfortable and durable.

Here are the top 5 points to consider when buying a man’s ring:

Will the ring suit his lifestyle?

Not all men’s rings are created equal. Some are more durable than others. Others are more comfortable to wear to the office. In order to pick the right men’s ring, you’ll have to first consider what his lifestyle is.

For instance, many men work as tradesman or labourers involving machinery and equipment which could mean that they may not even be able to wear a ring at work, or they may need a ring that can be cut off of their finger in case of emergency.

If he plans on wearing a ring while performing work duties, hobbies, sports, or other activities that could damage the ring, you’ll have to be sure to choose a ring that will stand up to the abuse.

titanium mens ring

Black Titanium by Triton – Lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant.

However, if he chooses not to wear a wedding ring to work due to these safety concerns, you can give yourself more leeway in the design because he will basically be wearing it on the weekend and for special occasions.

Same goes for men who work in a different setting, like an office. Durability can take a back seat to intricate designs, diamonds, or other options that would be unsuitable for a harsh work environment.

You may want to avoid rings with gemstones or diamonds if he plans on wearing his ring to play sports, work, or other activities as they could dislodge and get lost.

Does the ring reflect his personality?

Not only is a wedding band or ring an important symbol of your love, it will naturally become a fashion accessory and should therefore reflect his personality and taste. This aspect of the ring should be chosen with the upmost care and thought as there are many men’s ring designs to choose from.

You’ll have to think about what that means for the recipient. Perhaps, he’s a traditionalist and would prefer a simple gold band, or maybe he’d prefer a bold statement with a two-toned tungsten carbide band.

Plenty of men do not want just a gold or silver band, but they don’t want a ring that is overly flashy either. Consider if he already wears jewellery or not, it could be a sign of his preferred taste. He if wears no jewellery to speak of, you can always drop hints about what type of style he could see himself wearing and go from there.

cobalt mens ring

Sandblast by Crown Ring – This ring is made with cobalt. Simple and understated, yet sharp and beautiful.

There are many men’s wedding rings that are minimalistic, but not boring by any means.

Sometimes a unique design, like a woven pattern, a silver or gold inlay strip, ribbed edges, or even a different texture can make all the difference.

If he prefers a little bling, there are beautiful men’s rings that have diamond settings that range from a single stone to more intricate designs.

Others may prefer to make a statement with colour rather than diamonds. There are all black or all white titanium rings, sterling silver paired with rose gold, and many, many other options that are sure to showcase his personality, whatever that may be.

Will his ring be comfortable to wear?

Comfort is another essential consideration in choosing the right ring. While a lot of men often jump to the conclusion that all rings are uncomfortable, which is often the reason they do not wear jewellery in the first place, this is simply not the case.

The two biggest factors that determine the comfort of a ring are the shape of the ring and the ring width.

For example, a ring with soft, curved edges will provide more long-wearing comfort than a ring with sharp, angular edges. Another option deals with rings that have a comfort curve. This means that there is a soft, comfortable curve on the interior of the ring, but the outside could be a different design.

cobalt mens ring

Black Cobalt with 10K White Gold by Torque – 9mm width

Next, you’ll need to consider the width which is typically based on the size and length of his fingers. If he has smaller hands and slender fingers, a ring that is 5 to 6mm is usually the most comfortable. Men will larger hands and wider fingers will find that a ring from 7 to 9mm will usually fit quite well.

Keep in mind that a ring too wide for his finger many result in discomfort, yet a wider ring will seem tighter on the finger than a narrower band. Consulting an experienced jeweller can help you determine the best ring width for his finger size.

Which ring metal will be best for him?

Choosing the right metal is all-encompassing of lifestyle, personality, taste, and comfort. Below we discuss the pros and cons of each metal typically used in mens rings.

Gold – Perfect for the traditionalist, a gold band is simple and durable enough for everyday wear, but not a harsh work environment.

Sterling Silver – Cheaper than your typical gold or alternative metal ring, but silver is also more prone to damage, making it a good choice for dress jewellery, but not everyday wear.

Tungsten Carbide – Highly scratch resistant, durable, and comfortable to wear, but it is important to note that tungsten rings cannot be resized.

TungstenAIR by Triton – Developed by Triton, this metal is specifically designed to have the durability of tungsten but is 1/3rd lighter.

tungsten air mens ring

Tungsten Air by Triton – Comfort Fit Band, 7mm width

Titanium – Hypoallergenic and corrosion resistant, Titanium is another strong metal. However, this means that it is not usually able to be resized or easily cut off of his finger in case of emergency.

Stainless Steel – Lightweight, durable, and fashionable. May not offer the same shine as the other alternative metals and can eventually stain from body oils.

Cobalt – Similar to gold in weight, cobalt is dense and tarnish resistant. It does have a lower scratch resistance compared to tungsten.

Platinum – Quite a bit heavier and more expensive than gold, but again another durable and long-wearing metal.

Do you want matching wedding rings?

Another essential question on the road to choosing a man’s wedding ring is do you want to have matching wedding rings?

Some couples prefer to have matching bands which will limit your choices, especially if it needs to match her engagement ring. Other couples choose to have rings with similar or complementing features. While others choose not to have matching rings at all.

It’s all up to the couple in this case! If you have very different tastes in jewellery, it’s okay not to match rings because you’re going to be wearing it for a long time.

white gold mens ring

White Gold 0.30 CT Diamond by I Am Canadian

How do I determine a man’s ring size?

The best way to get an accurate ring size is at a jeweller, as they will also give you advice as to what width would be appropriate for their finger and had size as well. However, if you want it to be a complete surprise, there are other ways to determine a man’s ring size.

If he already has a ring that fits properly, on the correct finger, either borrow it to take to the jeweller or you can slide it down a tapered candle and measure the circumference of where the ring stops. You can always ask a close family member if they know his ring size.

If you can get away with it, you can also measure his finger. Take at least two measurements, millimetres are best, and avoid measuring cold fingers.



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