A man’s watch says a lot about his sense of style and personality. It can also single-handedly tie a man’s outfit together, especially if the man does not wear a lot of other jewellery.


Similarly to how a man may feel picking out a woman’s shoe, it can be complicated to pick out a watch that will suit the person you’re buying it for. A watch can be sporty, dressy, or even a conversation starter, so it is essential that you do some digging into the recipient’s style and preference before you walk into a store.

Whether it is for your significant other, your brother, your father, or any other man in your life, the following points are necessary to consider when choosing a man’s watch.

How to Choose a Man’s Watch

Consider his lifestyle as well as his ‘style’

Some men have serious style, and other men are serious about their lack of style. It all depends on their lifestyle. The type of watch you buy will absolutely depend on whether that man wears a suit, shorts, or coveralls everyday. Here are some questions to ask yourself before watch shopping for a man:

  • Does he need a dress watch for everyday or for special occasions only?
  • What does he do for a living – financial planner, personal trainer, tradesperson?
  • Does he wear a suit to go out on the town or is he more casual or sporty?
  • If this man was given a ring, would he wear it everyday, or just for a special event?
  • Does this man already wear a watch? If so, what style is it?

These questions will help you determine the right type of watch to give as a gift. You may still decide to give a man who only wears watch for special occasions. Or maybe a sporty guy needs to update his watch look for work with something dressier. It all depends on how you answer these questions!


Determine your budget

The type of watch you choose for a man will also depend on your budget. He may be the most stylish man in town, so you may need to decide if a designer watch ranging from $1000 or more is worth it. You may find that something else is more aligned with his style and lifestyle than simply the most expensive designer watch. A $300 to $700 price range is a common place to start when choosing a man’s watch.

Stainless steel versus leather watch straps

Again, this ties back into a man’s style as well as his lifestyle. Stainless steel watch bracelets tend to last a lot longer without looking worn. Also, stainless steel can be more versatile. For instance, it can look dressy or more casual depending on what he wears with it. A leather band, however, does work well as a casual, everyday watch.

Choose a watch face size that suit his size

This might be one of the most important factors, and again, knowing the man you are buying this for is essential. The size of the watch face is incredibly important in making sure that the watch looks good on its wearer. For instance, a small watch face on a larger man can wind up looking like a ladies watch. It is quite modern and stylish to have a slightly larger watch face, but also consider how a very large watch face would look on smaller wrist. It could be a little overbearing or tacky.


Does the watch need to be water resistant?

When it comes to water resistance, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Most of the time. If you are looking to buy an everyday watch, water resistant is best. You never know what they’ll end up doing with it on. Especially if he happens to get caught in the rain, or gets accidentally wet somehow, his watch won’t be affected.

However, some dress watches may not be water resistant, so consider its importance. Will they wear it for special occasions only? Then the chance of it getting wet is slightly less. Also, consider the degree to which the watch will be water resistant. Some watches are simply resistant to accidental splashing or sweat, whereas some watches will be submersible up to a certain depth. Again, this will depend on his lifestyle.

Now that you’ve got the basics of how to choose a man’s watch, here are some other important considerations to make before you buy:


  • Brand – How important are brand names to the recipient? Do you know their favourite brand already?
  • Style – Now we’ve discussed his style, but do you know the difference between a sport and dress watch yourself?
  • Life Expectancy – This is another useful tidbit of information, as it will vary from watch to watch. Some watches cannot be repaired, only replaced, while others like mechanical watches can sometimes last a lifetime.
  • Type of Maintenance – Again, this ties back into lifestyle. Will he be able to have his watch cleaned and maintained according to his warranty, or will he prefer something more low maintenance?
  • Where to Buy – It’s always best to get your brand name items from a licensed distributor, not from online retail stores. Plus, coming in-store to get a professional opinion can help you on your quest of buying the right man’s watch.

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