Mark Schneider Award winning designer Mark Schneider specializes in contemporary designs. His jewellery creations are known for their simplicity and clean, fluid lines. Mark’s philosophy of jewellery is to create designs as wearable art. His clients are individuals who not only recognize the value of jewellery, but also appreciate the desirability of collecting his work. Mark is intimately involved with every part of the process, from conception of his award winning pieces to the final touches that make his jewellery unique and distinguishable.



A bridal engagement ring proclaims your love to the world. Celebrate the timeless intimacy with an extraordinary bridal engagement ring from award winning designer Mark Schneider. A unique token of your love, each design in the collection features a Secret Heart, nestled where only you can see it. No other ring offers this enduring symbol of romance – a promise that his heart will always be there for you. Glowing in the center of the heart is a secret diamond, inscribed with the simplest and most timeless of messages: “Love You Forever.”


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