Keith Jack Dragon Weave Sterling Silver Mens Bracelet

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Keith Jack Dragon Weave Sterling Silver Mens Bracelet

Material: Sterling Silver
Length: 7.3 inches
Clasp: Tongue and grove with figure 8 latch

Wear this bracelet to signify life’s continually evolving path.

Maple Leaf Diamonds

Maple Leaf Diamonds™ are mined in the pristine wilds of northern Canada. They are formed deep within the earth millions of years ago, eventually emerging as beautiful, one of a kind treasures. They are some of the most highly prized diamonds in the world.

Today the Canadian North has become symbolic of the purity and beauty of Canadian Diamonds. They are ranked among the world’s most exquisite and valued gems. Maple Leaf Diamonds™ are guaranteed natural and untreated and have a distinct maple leaf insignia and tracking number laser inscribed on the girdle. This unique inscription allows for each diamond to be tracked throughout the journey from the rough crystal to the finished treasure, guaranteeing its Canadian origin.

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